Climate of Denial.

We expose the fallacies, lies, and science denials in Martin Durkin’s polemic ‘documentary’ The Great Global Warming Swindle. He denies the reality of climate change. Here, I publish my open letters with Martin Durkin, climate change denier.

The program was formally criticized by Ofcom, the UK broadcasting regulatory agency, which ruled the film failed to uphold due impartiality and upheld complaints of misrepresentation made by David King, who appeared in the film. Did you know that you can support our mission with weatherproof stickers that are made to last? For something different try custom peeker stickers.

Who is Martin Durkin, Climate Change Denier?

Durkin, in addition to being a confirmed climate change denier, is a director of poorly conceived and low quality films. His projects are well known for their lack of research, jumps in logic, twisting facts, underreporting, misreporting, inflating and conflating whatever does not fit the research – to align with a political agenda.

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OFCOM complaint from Bob Ward

Dear Sirs/Madams,FAO The Broadcast Team Dear Sirs/Madams, I am writing to make a complaint about a number of breaches of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code by

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