A Rough Guide to Door-Knocking on Climate

Based on some recent experiences of door-knocking by the climate movement, this Rough Guide to Door-Knocking on Climate contains practical advice as well as some discussion of the strategic thinking behind this form of community engagement.

We hope it can be a source of useful tips and inspiration for climate action groups who might want to consider door-knocking as part of their strategy this year.

As the guide says, “door knocking is easy, fun and one of the most effective ways of getting our message
into the community and having an impact.”

That’s why we are working with local community climate groups to try and knock on every door we can and tell them about the campaign to replace Hazelwood with clean energy.

A growing coalition of community groups are campaigning for the State and Federal governments to replace Hazelwood power station with clean energy by 2012.

Hazelwood is the dirtiest coal fired power station in Australia and one of the most polluting in the developed world.

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